Deezer raises the roof on their customer satisfaction with Dixa’s Business Insights

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Deezer is an online music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels, as well as podcasts on various devices online or offline.

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Zendesk: Customer service ticketing system

The Situation

Deezer lets you play the music and podcasts you just have to hear – even if you don’t know it yet. You bring the passion, they bring the music.

Founded in 2007, it quickly became one of the industry leaders in online music streaming. Now Deezer offers a large number of premium features, including offline listening, curated playlists and your personal musical Flow, as well as mixes and channels. Deezer’s library encompasses 56 million tracks and podcasts, serving 16 million active monthly users.

The Challenge

Everyday, thousands of people interact with Deezer’s support team, who ensure that all users have access to music anytime, anywhere. As Head of Global Support, Patrick Dunford was on the lookout for new technology to help him serve customers quickly, whilst maintaining industry-leading service standards.

Patrick’s team was having to do too much work manually. Checking tickets one by one took forever and reviewing team performance effectively was challenging. He needed to give his managers access to data faster, to dig deeper into how agents were working, and arrive at truly data-driven conclusions.

Each question that needed answering required different research. To come up with an answer you had to check every single ticket. It took ten clicks to get to your point, it was really annoying.”

Carla Saxby Associate Client Support Manager Deezer

Deezer puts a great deal of emphasis on quality. Delivering more timely responses to their users is always the goal, but  fast does not necessarily mean good. The real challenge was to analyze quality and quantity simultaneously and to take action.

One specific struggle was understanding template usage on their Zendesk: how agents were using them, whether they were being used in the right ways and having visibility over the performance of the templates.

The Solution

Deezer rolled out Dixa for their global support team to access more detailed data in a flexible way. Instead of having Team Managers carry out manual research to answer complex questions, Dixa’s Business Insights now answers them with the click of a button.

Identifying unusual behavior in the past would take me days. With Dixa, I can see it immediately.”

Carla Saxby Associate Client Support Manager Deezer

Because managers could quickly play around with the data, they were also able to better prepare themselves for 1:1s. It was important for the streaming company to start giving feedback on their agents’ work ‘based on facts, not just gut feeling’. 

Associate Managers and Team Leads use Dixa’s Quality Assurance every day to give feedback through 1:1s and coaching sessions. Agents are also encouraged to monitor their own performance. They were now able to give their agents the same level of personalized feedback that their customers receive. 

Manual work was also something that they struggled with. They categorized tickets manually on their Zendesk and scrolled through a list of templates to apply the right one. By streamlining workflows, agents cut their handling times and could focus on giving Grammy award-winning support.

Dixa’s Business Insights’ template analysis dashboard gave Patrick and his team deeper insight into the effectiveness of each template. Identifying which ones had lower customer satisfaction scores,and making the necessary adjustments, was an issue that they managed to solve with ease thanks to Dixa

Dixa helped us address these main challenges: Monitoring staff behavior, giving better feedback and macro performance identification.”

Carla Saxby Associate Client Support Manager Deezer

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