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Delivering hyper-personalized customer care with Dixa since day one

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Launched in May of 2020, and part of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, Honest Baby Clothing is on a mission to bring worldwide access to organic, sustainable, and healthy baby and kids clothing at attainable prices.


United States


Direct to consumer, Ecommerce

4 hours

Total training time

Day 1

Launched brand with Dixa

#1 channel

Live Chat

The Challenge

As a new, fast-growing business, it was important for Honest Baby Clothing to establish themselves as not only highly-responsive and trustworthy but also a company that takes the time to build relationships with their customers. Their customer base chooses to shop with them because they care deeply about finding the right products for their kids and the environment, and as part of this, they have a lot of questions, and their purchase decisions require a high degree of trust. Plus, startting an ecommerce business during COVID-19 meant more customer queries around shipping and order status than usual.

They needed a customer service platform that integrated with Shopify to prevent any crossed wires and save their team time. Flexibility and ease of use were two of the main reasons they chose Dixa above other support platforms

Launching Honest Baby Clothing with Dixa allowed us to provide exceptional customer service from day one. We were able to remotely onboard our service team in less than a day, and Dixa integrates with our Shopify store, displaying key information like tracking numbers and order history.”

Anne Epstein Head of Customer Service Honest Baby Clothing

The Solution

Delivering real-time personalized CX since day 1

A highly-engaged customer base with lots of questions meant that it was vital that Honest Baby deliver fast and personalized support from the start. Having all conversations, regardless of the channel, in one place means that agents have time to deliver personalized real-time support and build trust with their customers instead of having to flit back and forth between systems for a full customer overview. The team loves how easy telephony is in Dixa and the Simultaneous Ring feature means that they can continue to take calls while away from their desks for more flexibility.

Offering seamless service with the Shopify integration

Dixa’s Shopify integration has meant that agents can easily access info like order history, tracking numbers and shipping addresses when customers have questions about their order status. COVID-19 has resulted in some shipping delays and lost packages, so Dixa’s Side Conversations’ feature helps to provide context and ensure that no customer has to repeat themselves. The Follow-up feature is an easy way to keep track of customers who need shipping updates or information on back-ordered items and the team uses this to ensure no customer queries slip through the cracks.

Easy admin & onboarding with the no-code solution

Dixa’s “straightforward and intuitive” interface meant that the team had no problem getting it up and running with no technical help. Plus, they’re able to utilize the visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder to optimize their setup in real-time without any IT assistance. Finally, they were able to train their agents remotely in just 4 hours.

Access to powerful & meaningful data for easy reporting

Dixa’s Conversation Tagging feature makes it easy to divvy up customer queries by topic and find patterns in the questions, allowing for ongoing optimization of the ecommerce store. The in-depth analytics make it simple to relay valuable information back to their parent company.

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