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Don’t work hard. Work smart. Get Ada’s fully stocked AI Agent to instantly resolve more customer service inquiries with the least amount of effort.
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Hire an AI Agent to automatically resolve over 70% of inquiries and boost CSAT.

Onboard an AI Agent
in minutes

No need to maintain support content in multiple places. Ada’s AI Agent connects to your Dixa knowledge base to instantly start resolving inquiries with your existing content.

Coach AI to become your top performing agent

Understand your AI Agent’s performance and coach it to become your most effective agent with AI-powered insights, content recommendations, and guidance capabilities.

Elevate agents for
superior service

The AI Agent can bring in a specialized agent within Dixa via email, messaging, or a callback request. AI-powered routing and context improve the agents’ jobs, and help them to perform more effectively too.

Personalize resolutions
with no-code integrations

Connect to your business systems so the AI Agent can take action and perform tasks. It pulls from your customer data and knowledge sources to generate unique and specific responses, maximizing resolution.

Stay true to you

Use natural language to guide how the AI Agent should interact with customers, like how to format replies or handle sensitive topics. Provide an experience that aligns with your brand every single time.

Build once,
support everywhere

Instantly deploy the AI Agent on web, mobile, social, SMS, and phone channels. Live agents can seamlessly join the conversation, or the AI Agent can automatically create an email conversation or callback request.

Don’t deflect – automatically resolve

You can be sure your AI Agent is providing a 5-star experience with Ada’s Automated Resolution reporting. Verify that your customers’ automated conversations are safe, accurate, relevant, and resolved.

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