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Boost your self-service rates in Dixa with the next generation of virtual agents powered by conversational AI.
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Boost your business, one conversation at a time


Your customers are reaching out from an ever-growing range of channels, but with Dixa, your virtual and human agents only need one screen to answer.

Smart routing

AI agents don’t just answer questions, they qualify and route customers to the right support specialist in Dixa using the contextual information provided.

No code needed

The no-code conversation builder allows anyone to effortlessly design and deploy automated experiences, fast.

Provide 24/7 customer support with AI

Don’t keep your customers waiting ever again. Quickly build virtual agents in Dixa using’s self-learning technology and deliver 24/7 customer support with AI. This no-code platform makes it a breeze to build and deploy virtual agents in-house. Self-learning AI analyzes your existing data––such as your website, chat logs, and knowledge base––and transforms them into a fully-functioning virtual agent in a matter of hours.

Scale your service to any size

With no coding required,’s user-friendly conversation builder gives you everything you need to create advanced conversation flows within minutes. Advanced learning and natural language processing allow your virtual agent to automate questions and actions on over 10,000 topics out-of-the-box, while successfully maintaining resolution rates above 90%.

Make life easier for your agents

Remove the frustration of long wait times and tedious searches. With Dixa and’s automation solution, your virtual agents can take care of all simple and repetitive queries, with your customer support team only stepping in to deal with the most high-value, complex inquiries.

With smart replies activated, your virtual agent remains in the background; analyzing conversations in real-time and intelligently suggesting responses to your support specialists to ensure consistency and accuracy across every interaction.

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