Certainly is a bot-building platform made especially for ecommerce.
Deliver exceptional customer experiences, and scale your growth through conversational AI.
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Assist your teams cross-channel with conversational AI.

Support the whole customer journey

From product recommendations, upselling and checkout assistance pre-sales, to 1st-line support for ticket handling, order tracking and loyalty programs post-sales.

Fast time-to-market

Utilize premade content in +14 languages and a conversation database of 24.000+ sentences and 1 billion variations, and go from start to test in just 30 minutes. Built for business line people, no coding required.

Analytics and Improvement

Get optimization insights from zero-party data through conversational AI, and access all customer conversational history. See how Tiger of Sweden improved their CX here.

Build a Conversational AI chatbot for e-commerce.

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Deliver effective customer service

Digital twin

Deliver unparalleled, conversational customer support through Dixa, and create a digital twin of your support agents who can out-of-the-box: open, update and close tickets – allowing your team to concentrate on the most value-adding tasks.

Live handover

Create a seamless live handover between your Conversational AI chatbot and human agents, route users to the right department and support omnichannel customer experience by using Dixa’s cross-channel customer recognition features.

Personalized automation

Benefit from personalized response flows within conversations across several channels, and facilitate follow-ups from chatbots, service agents, and/or automation.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

See how Dixa can transform your customer service.