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The future of customer interactions. The complete chat platform with AI automation tools.
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Automate self-service conversations and focus on what really counts.

Right message, right time

Automatically find the right visitors, start conversations and drive more qualified leads. Trigger messages tailored to customer behavior on your website, at the right time.

Automate interactions regardless of language

Help your audience in the language of their choice. Ebbot is capable of understanding and engaging customers in over 50 languages.

Personalized customer service

Elevate customer satisfaction through personal customer service with Dixa’s customer-first approach when Ebbot hands over the conversation.

Talk to customers 24/7, no waiting time.

Delight your customers with faster resolution to their issues. Scale your support team using an Al multilingual chatbot inside Dixa. Communicate 24/7 with customers on your website, guide visitors to purchase, and get more out of your agents.

Increase sales and improve your customer service

Deliver proactive customer service and shopping assistance to your visitors, so that anyone who views your website, becomes your newest customer. Meet visitors in the right way with the right message and help them through the buying journey.

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