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Instantly connect your data. Build real-time dashboards in minutes.
It’s that simple.
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Know exactly what’s happening in customer service, right now

Your KPIs in one place

Easily visualize live data from your Dixa account, all in one place.

Measure what matters

Give visibility to important metrics with powerful filters.

Made for sharing

Track all your metrics on one dashboard, and share it in a click.

Build tailored, professional-looking dashboards in minutes

Geckoboard makes it easy to share live Dixa metrics with your team and beyond. Create real-time KPI dashboards that surface the data your support team needs to excel. Keep your team up to speed with what’s going on right now and give the rest of the business visibility into your hard work.

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Raise awareness of your team’s hard work with visible metrics

Set goals and status indicators to highlight when metrics need attention or are worth celebrating. Measure KPIs like recruitment costs, positions filled, agent availability, conversation volume and CSAT at a glance. With Geckoboard and Dixa, it’s easy to get eyes on the metrics that matter.

No coding. No training. No hassle.

No coding, design skills, training or endless Googling required. Easily connect Geckoboard with your Dixa data. You’re not limited to just one data source either. Bring data together from over 80 other tools, spreadsheets and databases, and present it in the clearest possible way.

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