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Klaviyo, a unified customer platform for email, SMS, and more, gives your online brand direct ownership of your consumer data and interactions.
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The Klaviyo integration doesn’t store any data. It works by pulling the data each time the conversation is opened. We only send a request to remove the customer from Klaviyo messages. No other data is going from Dixa to Klaviyo.


Your Klaviyo login can have access to multiple accounts. You will need an API key per account to look up and display the correct information in Dixa.

Your customer service agents and team members will be able to see the following Klaviyo data within your Dixa platform:

  • The three to five latest Klaviyo campaigns that a customer has received.
  • The text body of SMS messages
  • The title and subject of email messages
  • The customer’s Klaviyo segments.
  • And agents can opt customers out of all communication.

Customization of your Klaviyo and your data:

  • You can toggle Klaviyo lists if you want your agents to see which lists in Klaviyo the customer belongs to.
  • You can toggle Klaviyo segments if you want your agents to see which segments in Klaviyo the customer belongs to.
  • You can toggle opt-out, which is a button where the agent can remove the customer from future Klaviyo messages. It’s a binary where you remove customers from all messages.

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