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The tech company focused on building software products for fast-growing ventures.
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Dixa Support

We have a deep understanding of the Dixa platform from a product and tech perspective.

CX Data

We can help increase the customer experience by making sure the relevant customer data will be available when you need it in your conversations in Dixa.

Digital Innovation

We can be your sparring partner if you have ideas about to utilise Dixa in your company, and we can tell you what’s possible and what it takes to get it done.

Lab08 exists on the idea that technology can empower real-world change

We are a team of experienced founders, product managers, and software developers who know how to develop valuable software. Our passion revolves around creating user-friendly and scalable technology in collaboration with tech ventures and visionaries.

Integration Partner & Portfolio of Services

Software development & digital innovation by an experienced team at affordable rates.

Integration projects, infrastructure-as-a-service, mobile apps, SaaS-experts and roadmapping workshops.

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