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Turn customer feedback, support requests and conversations into actionable insights with AI.
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AI-powered customer insights that improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs

Analyze feedback

Don’t waste time on manually analyzing customer feedback. Lumoa uses advanced AI, machine learning and NLP to turn all customer feedback into actionable insights.

Discover trends

Stop tagging topics manually and let Lumoa do it for you. Follow in real-time what topics customers are mentioning, discover emerging trends and problem areas that need immediate attention.

Optimize performance

Compare the success rate of your agents. Identify the best performing agent and share best practices for solving customer problems. Ensure continuous development of your agents for optimal performance.

Analyze the customer journey and all key touchpoints in one view

Understand what drives your customer experience up and down

  • Break organizational silos with easy sharing
  • Eliminate manual tagging with AI
  • Make better decisions using customer feedback

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