Deliver flawless omnichannel support with Magento 1 + 2 and Dixa

Deliver unified customer support across voice, email, chat & messaging from one screen that runs in your browser.

View ecommerce data in Dixa instantly

Tired of asking customers to repeat their order number or to hold while you dig for their tracking information?  View customer data from your Magento account in Dixa for easy access to the information you need to when responding to customers to save time and effort.

Magento data within Dixa

Personalize every single interaction

Know your customers from the moment they reach out based on their email or phone number and instantly gain context with complete conversation histories to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Personalized customer service conversation

Build loyalty by delivering consistent omnichannel support

The number one reason customers take their business elsewhere is because of poor customer service. Grow a loyal customer base by unifying your customer service channels and empowering agents with the right data and tools to deliver faster, more efficient support experiences.

Unified customer service channels with Dixa

Utilize Magento data to route conversations

Route customers based on Magento data, such as the CLTV, to a specific agent or team best equipped to meet that specific customer’s needs.

How routing works in Dixa

Key features

Omnichannel support

Let customers reach you on any channel and funnel all customer inquiries to one platform to respond.

Customize to your needs

Gain full control over your setup without help from IT. Utilize integrations to create one of a kind customer journeys.

Exceptional CX

Provide customers with the very best support experiences by giving agents the right tools and data.

Everything you need in a single view

Conversation view within the Dixa interface

Thanks to Dixa, every agent we hired—either for a season or in a full-time role—was fully ramped up within a few weeks, and that’s very important for the business because seasonal agents are 30% more expensive.”

Roger Sandmeier Customer Service Manager at tink
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We’ve built the allplants brand on our ability to delight our customers and build strong personal relationships with them. We chose Dixa because we needed a customer service platform that could keep pace with our growth as well as the evolving demands of our customers. So far, we’ve been delighted with the results.”

Felicity Bell Head of Delight at Allplants
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We had an aspiration before Dixa to become a global #OneRapha team. To unlock that opportunity, we needed a platform that was within the same mindset around not having siloed ways of thinking and working. Dixa has provided us with this one-screen wonder.”

Rob Pierce Customer Operations Director at Rapha
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Dixa is a partner rather than just a service provider, always encouraging us to be better. And, because the Dixa team is available to all levels of our team, everyone is empowered to get the support and solutions they need in the moment, which means we are always getting better.”

Harriet Treadwell Customer Love Director at Butternut Box
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