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See the world through your customers’ eyes. Share screens with just a click, no need for screenshots.
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Reduce support time by up to 82% in minutes

Easy screen sharing

Seamlessly go from live chat to the customer’s screen in just one click.

Work side-by-side

Visually guide customers over phone or chat as if you’re sitting next to them.

No more downloads

Nothing to download, install, or set up for your customers or agents.

One-click screen sharing with all your customers

Median lets you see a customer’s screen in real-time, and even take over their screen to guide the way if need be. Co-browse their screen in seconds, regardless of their browser or operating device. Go from chat to screen share with the click of a button.

Resolve customer issues faster

Reduce support time by up to 82% in minutes. See what your customers are doing and instantly offer them help when they need it. With their permission, take control of their screen and guide them to the solution faster.

See what your customers see, instantly

See what your customers are seeing and eliminate needless ambiguity and repetition with on-screen guidance. Seamlessly chat, call, and co-browse, and help your customers understand complex processes – all without any downloads, invites, or installs.

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