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The NPS and CSAT Survey Plugin for Dixa. Measure, Understand, and Act on all customer experiences directly in Dixa.
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Ask for relevant experience rating, add a follow-up question to get customers’ personal and most important feedback, and add reason mapping to better understand how to prioritize.


Display customer experience history on conversations with informative graphics directly in Dixa to drive proactive customer handling.


Close the loop with feedback data inside Dixa to manage follow-up actions with new or reopened conversations.

Customized Surveys
Branded NPS, CSAT, and CES 0-10 rating surveys + Rating-based follow-up questions

Data in Dixa
Feedback history presentation inside Dixa + Rating-based notifications and alarms to the right people through Dixa emails.

Follow-up/close the loop actions
Customer feedback dashboards and analytics

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