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Provides both B2B and B2C companies the opportunity to collect, publish and manage their customer reviews.
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Reviews as tickets

Turn reviews into tickets! Utilizing the API connection allows to automatically create tickets in Dixa that are less than or equal to 3 stars, allowing a team member to respond.

Issue mitigation

Once the support ticket is closed, an automatic email is sent offering the option to revise the review.

Powerful data points

With increased data points and customer knowledge – understanding of clients between Dixa and is powerful!

Reviews for marketing & branding

Although businesses can collect reviews via their own methods, consumers trust reviews collected and displayed using independent review sites, such as, due to their impartial nature.

Businesses can then publish their reviews to their website, share them on social media, and turn their reviews into online and offline advertising.

Managing their reviews all from one place within the dashboard, enabling them to see all their content live as and when it comes in, reply to reviews, and flag any inappropriate content.

Customer advocacy via reviews

Reviews help consumers buy with confidence and 93% of online shoppers say they have an impact on their purchase decisions.

For eCommerce brands, product reviews are key to driving engagement. They bring unique, relatable content to landing pages, boost your visibility in Google Shopping, and help consumers make informed decisions.

Customer advocacy is far more powerful than sales-led marketing. Use our range of innovative features to amplify the voice of the consumer and take your brand to the next level.

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