Empower your agents with rich customer data from Shopify. Update customer orders, issue refunds and cancellations, and deliver personalized support – all within Dixa.

Everything you need, at your fingertips

Access all relevant customer data in Dixa, avoiding time wasted switching between systems to check on a customer’s order status or history. Track, trace, and account for all of your customer orders across multiple stores, all from a single platform. View real-time order information and respond in seconds when customers contact you.

Deliver personalized service at scale

Offer a personal touch regardless of your contact volume. Recognize your customers the second they reach out to you and automatically connect them with the agent best-suited to assisting them. Instantly display key information like recent orders, payment status, shipping details, contact information, and previous interactions, all while assisting customers from within one conversational view.

Solve customer issues faster

The number one reason customers take their business elsewhere is poor customer service. Know what’s stopping shoppers from making a purchase and perform quick actions on their order. Update customer information, cancel orders, and issue refunds, all without opening a new tab or window. By delivering fast, personalized, and friendly support, you create a stronger bond with your customers for increased loyalty.

Grow your profits with exceptional customer service

Intelligent Routing

Utilize skill-based routing to automatically connect customers with the right agent and improve First Contact Resolution and CSAT.

Customer Recognition

Instantly recognize your customers using their phone number or email address and gain important context to deliver personalized service.

Every channel, one view

Provide unified support across all channels—voice, email, live chat, social messaging, and more—from a single view.

Prioritize Queues

Offer agents conversation from queues with the highest priority first to better manage busy times and specific customer inquiries.


Utilize transfer features to tackle complex issues as a team using internal notes and side conversations – all within Dixa.

Scale with ease

Support your customers globally across multiple stores, products, and languages with just one customer service platform.

Deliver a seamless shopping experience

Give your customers a seamless shopping experience by integrating customer data from Shopify in a single place.

Want to have more profitable conversations?

See how Dixa can transform your customer service.