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Stitch extracts and transforms your data, allowing you to spot trends and find valuable answers—no coding required.
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Stitch brings data from 130+ sources into 1 data warehouse so you can surface valuable information—faster.

Save time gathering insights

Spend less time managing the data pipeline, and gain access to key insights at the tip of your fingers. Stitch is a cloud-based ETL data pipeline that does the legwork for you.

Connect your entire ecosystem

Push data to Stitch from anywhere on your own terms via an API. Have Stitch extract data from any source using the Singer open source framework. No data is left behind.

Accelerate your efficiency

Get the insights you need to accelerate your product, marketing, and sales efficiency. Plus, Stitch automatically syncs with new data, no manual work required.

Focus on closing sales, not managing data

Discover new revenue opportunities by integrating data from sales and revenue platforms in minutes. Deliver revenue insights to sales leaders. Build the right programs from lead to renewal.

Get instant insight into marketing performance

Understand which campaigns and programs drive ROI by integrating all your marketing data, no matter where it lives. Manage your channels, not the data pipeline.

Connect product & customer data

Understand what drives new product growth by integrating data from diverse analytics platforms, and get insights that go beyond product metrics. Ship the right features at the right time.

Analysis-ready data at your fingertips.

Whether you work with Looker, Tableau, Power BI or any other analysis tools, we make it easier to go from raw data to insights.

There are thousands of SaaS tools and data sources on the market. Most ETL platforms support a few dozen at most. Stitch’s extensibility unlocks data to bridge this gap.

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