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Say goodbye to bulky spreadsheets. Say hello to the first team planning tool that makes your life easier, your support team better and your customers happier.
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Build automated schedules, reduce time spent on planning and improve your customer service levels

Cutting-edge forecasting

Identifying the right size team to manage demand and seasonal peaks is hard. With Surfboard, you can forecast and calculate the number of agents required on each channel at any point in time.

Automated scheduling

Understand your agent’s availability, contract types and preferences to provide them with varied schedules and shift plans. Delight your team with transparent and fair staffing, that gives everyone the space to do their best work.

Performance at a glance

Ditch your spreadsheets and time-consuming processes. Track how actual team performance and activity compares to your original plan. From forecast accuracy to team performance, analyze it all in a single dashboard.

Happy agents, happy customers

Dixa + Surfboard solves scheduling, forecasting, and performance, allowing teams to balance efficiency with team happiness.

Quick response times

Maintain timely, empathetic support as you scale up, expand hours and explore more channels.

Set it and forget it

Once you’re set up, shift plans and schedules get created automatically. The Dixa integration doesn’t require regular maintenance, it just works.

Integrates seamlessly with Dixa

Surfboard forecasting lets support predict their level of future inbound requests with the ability to make adjustments based on changes in demand. Accurately match support level requests with agent availability, ensuring your SLAs are met and customers are happy.

Intuitive shift planning

Build shifts from scratch, suiting your teams unique needs and ensuring you’re staffed accordingly with the right coverage across your service. On top of saving you time, good shift planning makes your teams life better.

Simple intraday scheduling

Automate scheduling so that you can spend time doing more meaningful work, like coaching your team or improving processes. Effective intraday scheduling helps to reduce costs, save time, and meet SLAs a lot more easily.

Accurate, human reporting

Easily track and report on your team’s working hours and performance with simple yet powerful reporting. Surfboard combines scheduling history with Dixa data to provide accurate adherence and time reporting, keeping you in the know and in control.

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