Hiring an AI Agent and what it means for your CX team

Unlock the game-changing capabilities of AI agents in customer service. Join us for an exclusive look into hiring an AI agent with Anuj Arora, VP of Solutions & Strategy at Ada.

Customer Service is about much more than just completing tickets. It is about delivering memorable experiences with every interaction.

Learn how you can successfully onboarding AI agents, making your CX operations more efficient, and unleash the full potential of your human agents’ to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Delve into how you can elevate customer interactions, support your current agents, and deliver efficiencies for your organization.

  • Insider tips for hiring the perfect AI agent for your customer service needs
  • Hear how companies have seen a +20% surge in their Automated Resolution Rate and free-up agents time for more complex tasks
  • Leverage the power of 10 full-time agents, utilizing a single AI agent
  • Grab a guide with everything you need to start interviewing AI agents!


Anuj Arora
Vice President, Solutions & Strategy

Ada is the world’s leading customer service automation company. Ada’s AI-powered CS automation platform helps companies effortlessly resolve their customer inquiries in any language or channel. Ada has powered more than 4 billion automated customer interactions for companies like Meta, Verizon, AirAsia, Yeti, and Square.

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