Human-powered service in the age of ChatGPT

As the market floods with AI-powered solutions, let’s delve into how AI can enrich the customer experience, and the crucial role of human-powered service.

Explore the delicate balance between human-powered service and AI advancements in customer care. Glean the insights of our industry veterans who have gathered their experience from well-known retailers and ecommerce powerhouses – such as Selfridges, Ocado, Net-a-Porter, Lush, and more.

Discover practical strategies for integrating AI seamlessly into your customer care operations while preserving the invaluable human touch that fosters genuine connections.

Join Naomi Rankin, Global Customer Care Manager at Lush and Sham Aziz, Head of Customer Services, ex-Selfridges with Maurits Pieper from Dixa.

  • Unleashing the power of AI to handle mundane inquiries, freeing up human agents for more meaningful tasks
  • Building trust in AI for a customer-centric approach
  • Leverage AI and human strengths, to strike the perfect balance
  • Blending the in-store experience seamlessly with the digital customer experience


Naomi Rankin
Global Customer Care Manager

Naomi is passionate about humanising the customer experience and bringing her global team together as one. Having seen the evolution of customer care at Lush from telephone sales, to digital sales – she’s focused on empowering employees and continuing to foster a nimble and mighty customer care team that wins – together!

Sham Aziz
ex-Head of Customer Service

With 20+ years in key roles delivering customer service ‘magic’ for Selfridges, Vertu, NET-A-PORTER, Ocado and many more – Sham has run countless successful call and contact centres. Sham is excited to share his formula for placing the customer at the heart of the business in the age of AI.

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