Dixa secures funding from SEED Capital & Preben Damgaard

We’re very excited to announce an important funding round for Dixa as well as us teaming up with an elite group of experienced investors and advisors including: Preben Damgaard, Lars Andersen, SEED Capital, Lars Thinggaard and Nikolaj Kornum. These gentlemen and SEED Capital represent valuable experience in SaaS B2B software, scaling internationally, UK and US market entry and customer engagement. With their knowledge and expertise, coupled with our dedicated and growing team, we hope to bring even more companies closer to their customers in 2018 and onwards.

We believe that the future of customer service is a strong bond between companies and their customers – much like the connection between friends. The recent funding totalling $1.8 million from SEED Capital and Preben Damgaard will be used to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence and the automation of customer service processes in the system. We believe investing our efforts in those areas will facilitate more personal conversations between companies and customers around the world.

The start of customer friendship software

Several of the people behind Dixa started their careers in customer service, some in various positions in customer service departments, others building custom call center solutions for the very large companies. The individuals behind Dixa include co-founder and CTO Jacob Vous Petersen, newly appointed CEO and our first investor Mads Fosselius, who came from a position as Senior Vice President for TDC’s cloud division, and partner Anders Mayntzhusen, Dixa’s CCO.

Dixa’s journey began three years ago when Mads invested in an idea and three developers, Jacob Vous Petersen, Jakob Nederby Nielsen and Krisztian Istvan Tabori, who are all still working for Dixa. The three began building software that has now attracted customers around the world – with main markets in Denmark, the UK and the US.

Co-founder and CEO, Mads Fosselius, felt that customer service has often been limited by the technology available and customers have become accustomed to bad customer service. With customer service being such a vital component in a customer’s purchasing decision today, Mads saw a need for software that enables better and easier communication between businesses and customers:

“In the past decade, companies who have succeeded at creating excellent customer experiences, in particular when talking to customers directly, are the ones who have excelled. I believe this trend will continue, but I also believe businesses could do much better. Our goal is simply to build software that enables customers to get the help they need when they need it and businesses to deliver quick assistance on the channel the customer prefers, much like a friend would. That is what lies in ‘customer friendship.’ By collecting all communication channels in one browser window we enable companies to respond to customers in real time. Bringing all communication channels into one platform breaks down silos that many companies are working with – where different departments handle different channels. That kind of siloed thinking results in fragmented customer service and ultimately a bad experience for the customer.” – Mads Fosselius

Dixa currently has 50+ customers in 13 countries, including some of the largest webshops in Denmark such as Interflora, Saxo and Proshop. Overseas Dixa’s customers include Vital Choice, Wordans and British Corner Shop.

The investors

We have been very fortunate to receive funding from individuals who have invaluable expertise in building and growing successful businesses within the tech industry and who believe in our vision. SEED Capital, Preben Damgaard, Lars Thinggaard, Nikolaj Kornum and Mads Fosselius have invested approximately $3 million in Dixa over the past 2 years. Having resources like these has been and will continue to be a great asset for Dixa.

SEED Capital

For those who are unfamiliar with the venture capital fund, SEED Capital is Denmark’s largest venture capital fund in early investment. They specialize in identifying, financing and developing innovative entrepreneurs, with a mission to create future IT companies. SEED Capital has invested in some of Denmark’s biggest entrepreneurial successes such as Endomondo, Trustpilot and Vivino. General Partner in SEED Capital and board member of Dixa, Lars Andersen, says:

“The market Dixa is targeting is huge. Good customer service remains a really important competitive parameter for businesses, and many are struggling with it. The people behind Dixa have a lot of experience in this area. They know this market and I look forward to seeing what Dixa becomes.”

Preben Damgaard

Preben Damgaard is a Danish business leader and has been at the forefront of a number of growing tech businesses for many years. Damgaard got his start when he founded Damgaard Data with his brother, which was eventually sold to Microsoft in 2002.

“Customer experiences and products are becoming increasingly individualized. Dixa is able to support any kind of communication that a company has with its customers. This is the first time I have seen a solution that solves this challenge so elegantly and efficiently. I know the people behind Dixa through past investments, which gives me the confidence that the company has the best prerequisites for achieving its full potential.” – Preben Damgaard

Our Vision

“To create a world in which every customer and customer service employee feels appreciated.”

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. But in today’s world, customers in many industries have become accustomed to bad customer service. We imagine a world where everyone – employees, customers, business partners – treat each other as friends. To the benefit of businesses, their employees and customers everywhere.

2018 will undoubtedly be an exciting year for customer service and for us. We will continue to build Dixa, refining and adding new features, ramping up on marketing across the world and even invest in AI – all with the goal of improving customer service processes and experiences everywhere.


Lauren Blair

Lauren Blair Klarskov

Lauren is a California native with a background in ecommerce and fashion, who is passionate about finding the ultimate online shopping experience and unique ways to acquire loyal customers.

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