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The Dixa platform

Take a quick tour of Dixa’s Conversational Customer Service Platform, and see how our all-in-one AI-driven solution covers all of your customer service needs.

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Dixa Channels

You name it, we’ve got it.

Your customers are reaching out from an ever-growing range of channels (calls, chats, DMs), but with Dixa, your agents only need one platform—and one screen!—to answer.

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Dixa Agent Hub

One screen for everything.

Supercharge your agent experience by equipping your team with everything they need to help customers, right at their fingertips, right out of the gate.

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Dixa Conversation Engine

Powering smarter customer service.

Imagine your ideal service experience, replete with personalized service for all and soaring CSATs. Now, imagine it delivered at scale – automation taking most of the burden off your team.

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Dixa Discover

Customer service data you can actually use.

Customer service data is a treasure trove of insights and trends that can help improve your business—if you can find it, that is. With our easy-to-read dashboards, you never have to go looking, and with our built-in QA, you get better every day.

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Boost your CX setup.

Connect your favorite apps to Dixa to make the most of your data, deliver personalized experiences, and keep things unified.

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