Dixa for customer service teams

Built for customer service teams by customer service experts.

Combining an intuitive platform with powerful automations, Dixa makes delivering outstanding customer service effortless. Create the service experience you (and your customers) dream about.

Meaningful conversations at scale

Automate up to 80% of your conversations with Dixa’s Chatbot, so agents can focus on high-value customer inquiries that need the human touch.

(Customer) context is king

Get a snapshot of each customer’s entire conversation history, in a detailed timeline, featured alongside every conversation, so agents never have to go looking.

Insightful data at your fingertips

Customer service data is a gold mine. Easily surface service trends, product issues, and more, and keep the business informed for continuous improvement.

Instant answers for the instant economy.

Customers expect instant service—so give it to them. With easy self-serve options, customers can help themselves, and, if they need it, get connected to an agent who has all the context they need. Never ask a customer to repeat themselves again.

No more channel silos.

Funnel every customer conversation into one unified view, regardless of channel. Get an overview of every conversation waiting to be accepted by an agent, and give your team the tools they need to deliver unparalleled omnichannel support experiences, such as external customer data and a complete timeline of cross-channel interactions.

Leverage every agent’s skills.

Intelligent algorithms and agent priority automatically ensure the most qualified agents handle the most important conversations first. Maximize your support team’s impact and reduce the need to transfer conversations by playing to your agents’ strengths.

Drive growth with real-time data.

Make decisions based on data rather than hunches. Track real-time team performance, analyze and audit customer interactions, and coach your agents when needed. Develop your team and continuously improve the service experience, creating loyal customers that drive company growth.

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Automate up to 80% of your requests so you can focus on high-value inquiries.

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