CX for Operations

Create effortless experiences for teams and customers at scale.

Dixa helps you improve customer service efficiency—harnessing the power of self-service and providing context-rich data insights that help you improve your customer experience while reducing costs.

Build customer loyalty

Automatically prioritize high-impact inquiries, connect customers with the agent best-suited to helping them, and ensure your team has all the context they need to provide personalized service.

Empower agents to thrive

Reduce training time and lower agent churn with an intuitive platform and a built-in knowledge base that gives agents everything they need to help customers—in one screen.

Drive improvements with data

Keep a finger on the pulse and surface important service trends and customer insights using real-time dashboards that help you continuously optimize your setup.

Offer round-the-clock customer service.

An always-on Chatbot means that customers that can help themselves, do. This, paired with seamless bot-to-agent handover, means that the quality of your customer service remains excellent, with less resources. Eliminate pressure from your agents, freeing up time to focus on high-value inquiries that have the biggest impact on the business.

Save time with an intuitive agent workspace.

The Dixa Agent Hub combines everything your agents need, from uniting all channels in one intuitive interface to providing a full customer interaction timeline and other important context, so agents can work efficiently all from one screen, no need to switch windows or applications.

Don’t waste time using a shared inbox.

Working out of a shared inbox, agents spend a lot of time sorting through questions and deciding which customer to help next. This means that customers with the toughest problems often get helped last, and agents waste valuable time. With Conversation Offers, agents are automatically offered conversations—across channels—based on factors like expertise, last agent a customer interacted with, workload limits, and more.

Optimize team performance.

Gain a 360° view of your customer service performance with intuitive dashboards that give you fast answers to your most valuable questions. No need to hunt through Excel files and shared folders. Plus, coach and upskill your agents with our advanced QA capabilities.

Explore Dixa Agent Hub.

Give your agents everything they need in one intuitive workspace.

Explore Chatbot capabilities.

Automate up to 80% of your requests so you can focus on high-value inquiries.

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