Dixa Agent Hub

One screen for everything.

Supercharge your agent experience by equipping your team with everything they need to help customers, right at their fingertips, right out of the gate.

Improve your team’s efficiency

Automatically display critical customer context like past service interactions and purchase history, so agents can solve problems faster.

Happy agents = happy customers

It’s true. Get rid of headache-inducing workflows and see the difference a happier, more productive team can make.

Empower your agents

With Dixa’s powerful AI-driven knowledge base, agents can solve problems on their own and give customers more accurate answers.

Centralized Workspace

Your team’s new home base.

Quit the unhealthy reliance on multiple screens, apps, and windows. With Dixa’s intuitive agent workspace, agents no longer waste time looking for context from past conversations, checking a customer’s account info, or searching for updated company policies. They have everything they need to provide fast and personalized service experiences right here.

Unified Channel View

No more channel silos.

Every channel is natively built in Dixa—even Phone—no plug-ins required. This means agents can work across channels all from one screen, no need to switch windows or applications. Plus, they can be active on multiple channels at once, while you have a clear overview of channel activity, making sure no channel gets backed-up.

Contextual Customer View

Know your customers.

Give the gift of personalized service by displaying customer data from external systems like your eCommerce platform or CRM alongside customer inquiries in Dixa. Equip agents with the context they need, and ensure they never have to check another system for details like order status, tracking information, and customer lifetime value again.

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Conversation Timeline

The rest is history.

Banish the dreaded, “Sorry, I’m not able to see the details of your conversation with my colleague” from your agents’ vocabulary. Get a visual representation of every customer’s conversation history, all the way back to your very first interaction, so your customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

Dynamic Knowledge

Knowledge is power

Our AI-powered knowledge base delivers automatic prompts to agents so they have the answer before they even realize they need it. Give your team one source of truth that helps them deliver more accurate answers to tricky customer questions, without having to escalate to a colleague or manager.

Explore Dynamic Knowledge.

Keep your knowledge fresh with our AI-powered Knowledge Base.

Explore Chatbot capabilities.

Automate up to 80% of your requests so you can focus on high-value inquiries.

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