Dixa for Start-ups

Build a healthy customer base from the get-go.

Easy to set up and intuitive to use, Dixa helps growing companies create loyal customers from day one.

Get up-and-running in days, not weeks or months

Right-sized for your business

Our features and pricing plans give you the flexibility to start right where you are and scale-up as your business grows.

Create loyalty with personalized service

Automatically recognize customers and greet them by name, know their history with your brand, and their order status—all without leaving Dixa.

A platform that pays dividends

Get up-and-running quickly, make changes on the fly (no need for IT), and onboard new agents easily, so you see value in days, not months.

Dixa is the all-in-one customer service platform.

All-native channels, a built-in knowledge base, and time-saving automations mean you can shape your ideal customer service experience, all from one intuitive platform. No need to work with multiple vendors or rely on outside consultants to make changes to your setup. With Dixa, you’re empowered to own your end-to-end customer service experience.

Provide ‘round the clock service with Dixa’s Chatbot.

Customers don’t want to wait for an agent when they have a simple question like “where is my order?”. An always-on Chatbot means instant answers, shorter wait times, and more time for your team to focus on customers that need a little more help.

Let your team shine.

Automatically direct conversations to the right agent, based on factors like skill-level, area of expertise, languages spoken, and more. Plus, with no shared inbox to worry about, your agents don’t waste time looking for the next customer to help – the question is simply offered to them in the Agent Hub.

Secure lasting loyalty (for agents and customers).

See your CSAT ratings soar with a platform that enables your team to be their best selves. With everything they need at their fingertips—every channel, customer context, knowledge prompts, and more—your agents are happier and more productive and provide a better customer service experience.

Explore Dixa Agent Hub.

Give your agents everything they need in one intuitive workspace.

Explore Chatbot capabilities.

Automate up to 80% of your requests so you can focus on high-value inquiries.

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