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Serenity Holidays is an independent, privately owned tour operator, which was established in 1987 by a husband and wife team: Stephen and Sandra Wilde. Still owned by the couple, the company maintains its original principles of providing specialist holidays with superior service, but at affordable prices. Serenity Holidays won first prize in the category “Best Holiday Company to Sub-Saharan Africa” at the 2016 British Travel Awards and a silver medal for “Gambia Experience and Corsican Places” at the 2017 British Travel Awards.


Fareham, United Kingdom


60 agents




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Customer satisfaction

The Challenge

With 6 different travel destinations and a strong presence in the UK, Serenity Holidays provides sales and booking assistance as well as customer service to hundreds of customers daily looking to book trips to Gambia, Cape Verde, Goa, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily. Serenity Holidays prides themselves on their customer-focused approach and in-depth destination knowledge. Travel advisors even make regular trips to the destinations they offer to ensure that they can provide their customers with genuine advice, recommendations, and guidance. Their goal is to deliver outstanding service at all stages of the travel process, from the initial research phase through the return home.

Using several disconnected systems made it difficult for agents to get a unified view of each customer across all channels. This meant that Serenity Holidays’ sales and customer service teams would be unaware if customers had, for example, communicated with their team via online chat prior to calling.

This did not create an optimal customer experience for their customers and often led to impersonal interactions where customers had to repeat themselves if they used more than one channel to communicate with the company. They hoped to find a solution that provided advisors with a threaded conversation history, so they could quickly resolve customer inquiries and deliver consistent customer experiences on all communication channels.

With all customer data and interactions across email, chat, and phone displayed on one platform, Dixa has provided our sales and service teams, as well as our customers, with a significantly better experience, which has resulted in an increase in bookings, customer satisfaction, and efficiency.”

Tony Reilly Customer Manager Serenity Holidays

The Solution

A better customer experience

With Dixa, Serenity Holidays can consolidate their sales and support software into one solution and have all relevant customer data in one place. This allows advisors to easily see their previous interactions with each customer and provide quick, helpful assistance from the start so customers don’t have to repeat themselves. Additionally, with automatic customer recognition, advisors always know who they’re talking to the second they receive a call, email or chat. Being able to greet customers by first name coupled with the ability to solve inquiries quicker due to more context provides Serenity Holidays’ customers with a better overall experience.

Happier employees

Because Dixa is accessible through the browser, Serenity Holidays’ advisors now have the ability to work remotely, giving their sales and support teams more flexibility. Additionally, consolidating their sales and support systems into one intuitive solution makes it easier for Serenity Holidays’ advisors to answer customer inquiries without having to do manual lookups in other systems. Working in software that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere provides Serenity Holidays’ team with an overall better working experience, which has increased employee satisfaction.

Increased efficiency across the board

By using one system to manage their customer inquiries across all channels, Serenity Holidays is now able to get a holistic view of their team’s performance. With better performance stats and all customer conversation data in one place, Serenity Holidays is able to make quick, well-informed decisions that enhance their customer experience and improve their overall operations. Additionally, being cloud-based software, Dixa requires no maintenance or equipment. This enables Serenity Holidays to make changes to their setup on the fly when needed, saving them time and effort.

Higher customer satisfaction

Providing travel advisors with a clear, threaded conversation history between themselves and the customer along with relevant customer data makes it easier for Serenity Holidays’ sales and support teams to resolve inquiries in the first interaction. With Dixa, Serenity Holidays has increased their First Call Resolution by 30% and raised customer satisfaction by 32% among customers.

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