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Dixa announces new GPT-powered features that put agents in the driver’s seat

Copenhagen, August 3, 2023 – Dixa today announced a suite of new GPT-powered features that revolutionize the way AI interacts with human agents; combining AI with the human touch to deliver better outcomes for customers and agents.

AI in customer service

ChatGPT took the world by storm earlier this year, with rapid advancements in AI making waves across almost every industry. Technology companies are rushing to introduce AI into every aspect of customer service, sometimes as a standalone solution, with many touting the reduced need for human agents.

Human + AI: Technology that builds human connections 

Creating strong connections between people lies at the heart of Dixa’s approach to AI feature development. Dixa’s “Human + AI” (HAI) approach to building products means that every AI feature serves a dual purpose: to make agents’ jobs better and to help them do a better job. Enabled by AI, agents no longer need to spend time on repetitive, manual tasks. They are instead able to focus on work that makes a greater impact on a company’s overall customer experience.

“At Dixa, we’re introducing AI into our product in a thoughtful way because we know the value of human connections,” says Rob Krassowski, CPO at Dixa. “AI isn’t here to replace your agents. It’s here to make them better. Companies that are serious about offering the best possible customer experience need to embrace AI, but use it to empower their agents and enhance customer experiences.” 

By harnessing the power of AI, agents become more efficient, while simultaneously establishing stronger and more meaningful connections with customers. Customers who want to self-serve can receive immediate and accurate assistance, reducing the number of “rinse and repeat” conversations agents need to have every day. 

This creates shorter wait times for customers who would like to speak with a human and allows agents to focus on more valuable customer queries that need a high degree of empathy. AI provides agents with immediate context and knowledge, allowing them to get up-to-speed quickly and have personalized conversations at scale.

“Customer service is about people helping people. With the power of AI, businesses can now deliver faster, more personalized support, fostering long-lasting customer relationships that boost lifetime value, loyalty, and retention,” says Mads Fosselius, Co-founder & CEO at Dixa.

Meet Mim, a chatbot you can trust

Among the new GPT-powered features that Dixa is announcing, Mim, Dixa’s new AI chatbot, stands out. Mim is an AI-driven knowledge bot that draws its information from a company’s knowledge base. Mim will be released this fall, with many Dixa customers eager to introduce it to their customer service setup.

“We’re building the most reliable AI chatbot out there—one that truly earns your trust—by utilizing a company’s own knowledge base. Our commitment is crystal clear: zero gimmicks, no hallucinations, just genuine and helpful conversations!” – Rob Krassowski, CPO at Dixa.

Mim is a natural language chatbot that leverages OpenAI’s GPT language model to recognize, summarize, translate, and even generate content all on the basis of a knowledge base, ensuring customers receive accurate and trustworthy answers. 

AI tools for customer service agents

Dixa is introducing other AI and automation features to boost agent performance and customer experience, including:

  • AI Assistant for Agents: Exactly what it sounds like, this AI assistant does everything–from improving and expanding on emails and messages to on-the-fly translations.
  • Smart Conversation Summaries: With Smart Conversation Summaries, agents automatically get a concise overview of a customer’s past interactions, so they have all the information they need to provide fast and personalized service.
  • Smart Conversation Replies: Smart Conversation Replies drafts quick replies to customers, helping agents provide fast, consistent responses, with way less effort.

Learn more about Dixa’s Human + AI approach to feature development.

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Learn more about Dixa’s AI and automation features. 


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