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Dixa unveils Mim, the AI-powered chatbot you can trust

Copenhagen, Dec 13, 2023 –  Dixa, the conversational customer service platform, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation: Mim, the trustworthy AI-powered chatbot designed to draw upon the wealth of information in your knowledge base to provide accurate answers. With its GPT-powered capabilities, Mim heralds a groundbreaking era in AI-driven customer service, promising enhanced experiences for both agents and customers.

“Our Human + AI strategy is all about harnessing the power of AI to enhance customer service teams and deliver exceptional customer experiences,” explains Mads Fosselius, co-founder and CEO at Dixa. “We’re dedicated to developing and partnering with AI solutions that not only elevate agents’ roles but also empower them to excel in what they do: creating seamless service experiences for their customers.”

Meet Mim, the AI-powered chatbot you can trust

Mim facilitates natural-sounding customer interactions at scale, thanks to its implementation of OpenAI’s GPT language model. This innovative AI chatbot adeptly addresses customer queries, summarizes interactions, and generates content ideas. Dixa has meticulously crafted Mim to leverage AI frameworks that ensure all of Mim’s responses originate directly from your company’s knowledge base.

“Our mission was to craft the market’s most dependable and trustworthy AI chatbot,” affirms Jakob Nederby, co-founder and CTPO at Dixa. “We recognize that customer concerns revolve around the accuracy and reliability of AI. This is precisely why we engineered Mim to seamlessly integrate with a company’s knowledge base, reducing the likelihood of the AI misinterpretations often associated with the latest generation of AI solutions.”

Accuracy is programmed in

Dixa has always focused on building trust in customer service, and Mim is no different. Our AI chatbot earns customer trust by providing answers direct from a company’s knowledge base. With Mim, customers don’t need to worry about hallucinations or inaccuracies. Mim even includes in its responses links to the source, assuring customers of the reliability of the information.

Ready to roll with a quick setup 

Mim is ready to help, right out of the box. Linking Mim to your knowledge base is all it takes to empower this AI-powered chatbot to start assisting your customers effectively. 

Mim’s swift setup ensures that customer service leaders can seamlessly integrate AI into their agents’ workflow without the need for extensive training or adaptation periods. This user-friendly approach allows agents to utilize Mim immediately, providing customers with efficient and consistent service right from the start. As a result, the transition to using Mim is smooth and empowers agents to deliver high-quality assistance without delay.

Multilingual support

Mim stands ready to assist customers worldwide, recognizing dozens of languages. However, its unique capability resides at the knowledge base level. Customers can ask questions in their preferred language and still receive accurate answers, regardless of the original knowledge base language. Mim will translate your company’s content to deliver precise responses, bridging language barriers and enabling a natural and user-friendly AI-powered experience.

Seamless handovers when human touch is needed

Customers can request to speak with a human agent at any time, and Mim seamlessly facilitates the handover. Mim equips agents with the context they need to dive right into the conversation and provide immediate assistance.

Deliver effortless service experiences with Mim

Mim is all about crafting effortless experiences for both agents and customers. It offers accurate self-service options, granting customers access to the help they need when they need it, and empowers customer service teams to focus on what truly matters: meaningful human connections through genuine conversations.

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