Be available on the #1 messaging app in the world.

Two billion people use WhatsApp to communicate. Why not let them reach you there too?

Be available

Provide your customers with another friendly way to get in touch. They will thank you for it!

Set limits

Adjust workload limits for WhatsApp messages to ensure a smooth transition for your team.want the chat widget to appear on.

Track conversations

See what your WhatsApp traffic looks like and compare data to other channels in analytics.

Whatsapp customer service conversation with Dixa

Engage with the modern consumer

People around the world are moving away from traditional ways of communication and increasingly relying on messaging apps to communicate with their friends and family instead. As a result, customers want to be able to communicate with brands on the same convenient channels.

WhatsApp customer service conversation with Dixa

Personalize your CX

Customers today move seamlessly from channel to channel in their personal lives. So why shouldn’t they be able to when talking to you? Give customers more options when it comes to how they want to communicate with you by adding WhatsApp to your channel mix and increase customer trust and loyalty as a result.

Increase efficiency among customer service agents with Dixa

Increase CSAT

Messaging apps provide customers with a convenient and instant way to get in touch with a brand. Plus, they can do it on their own time. That’s why customers who engage with businesses on messaging apps report higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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