Achieving excellence in customer service with Dixa’s unified agent workspace and Ada’s AI-powered chatbot

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Dott is a shared micromobility operator on a mission to free our cities with clean rides for everyone.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


23 agents


Transport & Mobility

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Ada, JIRA, Surfboard


increase in CSAT


reduction in response time


decrease in handling time

The Situation

Dott, a European leader in the micromobility sector, is known for revolutionizing urban travel with its convenient and eco-friendly transportation solutions. At the heart of Dott’s mission is a commitment to providing not only an exceptional riding experience but also top-notch customer service. Their focus extends beyond just their innovative scooters and bikes; Dott prioritizes the experience of both their riders and agents.

The Challenge

Dott’s customer service team relied heavily on manual workflows. Their agents were bogged down with repetitive, time-consuming tasks, hindering their ability to respond swiftly and effectively to customer inquiries. These manual processes not only slowed down their response times but also increased the likelihood of errors, impacting overall customer satisfaction.

The lack of automation in handling routine queries or managing customer data created a significant workload for the team, leaving them less time to focus on complex issues that required a more personalized touch. It also made it challenging to prioritize urgent queries, negatively impacting the riders’ experience. Considering the time-sensitive nature of Dott’s business, where customers often require immediate answers to use a scooter and continue their day, this delay in addressing critical questions was especially problematic.

Dott also faced significant challenges with a disconnected agent experience. Their team was constantly juggling between various internal systems, a process that was not only cumbersome but also inefficient, leading to a lower number of tickets handled per day. This fragmentation got in the way of delivering seamless support.

As a result, they had to engage a business process outsourcing (BPO) service to help manage their customer support needs, increasing their operational costs.

The Solution

A centralized workspace to increase operational efficiency and improve agent experience

The implementation of Dixa’s intuitive agent workspace marked a turning point. With its unified interface, Dott agents no longer have to waste precious time gathering context from previous interactions, verifying customer account details, or searching for the latest company policies. Everything they need to deliver fast, personalized service is readily accessible in one place.

Channel silos were eliminated and agents can now seamlessly work across multiple channels from a single screen, eradicating the need to switch between windows or applications.

Dott’s agent experience has improved dramatically, leading to better customer interactions and a substantial boost in team efficiency, marked by a 20% increase in their service level achievement.

Since implementing Dixa’s unified agent workspace, where our agents handle all channels and conversations from one place, the efficiency and happiness of our CS team have skyrocketed. We are now delivering exceptional and personalized customer service in record times, redefining what it means to be both efficient and customer-centric.”

Randy Berridge Head of User Support and Insights Dott

AI-driven intelligent routing to improve rider experience

Dixa’s AI-driven intelligent routing allows Dott’s agents to automatically sort customer queries based on various criteria, such as urgency, customer lifetime value, and high-churn potential, among others. This means agents can quickly focus on riders with urgent needs, significantly improving their customer experience by ensuring critical questions are addressed promptly and efficiently. This streamlines the support process and bolsters the overall customer satisfaction and trust in Dott.

An AI-powered chatbot to reduce BPO dependency by 50%

Dott also partnered with Ada, one of our strategic partners, to integrate their AI-powered chatbot into Dott’s customer service. This collaboration proved to be a game-changer, as the chatbot efficiently resolves inquiries instantly. It enables Dott to provide quick, automated and personalized responses to their customers, freeing up their human agents to focus on more complex issues. 

The integration has not only optimized Dott’s customer service, but it has also reduced their reliance on external support agents by 50%, allowing them to bring back in-house both Tier 1 and Tier 2 support.

We have reduced our dependency on external support agents by 50% thanks to Ada’s AI chatbot. That has empowered our in-house customer service team to engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations with our customers, enhancing the overall service experience.”

Randy Berridge Head of User Support and Insights Dott

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