A More Intimate Type of Customer Friendship

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Do customer service dynamics change when purchases are very (very) personal and intimate? Join us for a sizzling episode of Customer FriendshipTM Conversations with Cherina Røsand, the Head of Customer Care at Sinful Group, an award-winning eCommerce sex toy business.

Cherina’s experience in customer service spans many industries so she has first hand experience on what most companies wanting to create great customer experiences have in common, such as building trust and loyalty, as well as what is the best professional communication strategy for something as personal as adult products. Discover how Sinful Group has mastered the art of keeping their customers satisfied and coming back for more their their service experience.

We discuss:

  • Unveiling the secrets behind exceptional customer care in the adult industry
  • Nurturing trust and building lasting relationships with customers
  • Handling unique challenges and ensuring privacy for customers
  • The importance of creating a great employee experience
  • Creating a comfortable and inclusive environment for all

Whether you’re curious about the behind-the-scenes of this particular direct to consumer eCommerce business or interested in best practices on how to create a culture of Customer FriendshipTM for your business success, this episode is not to be missed!


Intro to this episode. (0:10)
An introduction to Cherina. (1:09)
What was it like working in customer experience? (3:07)
How to build trust with your customers? (6:53)
How Sinful uses data to guide decision making. (10:44)
The importance of security and trust in the workplace. (13:25)
How do you measure employee satisfaction? (18:13)
The importance of customer experience. (23:05)
Challenges in maintaining strong customer service. (26:37)
Trust your staff and empower them to make decisions. (31:03)