Being Bold in Decision-Making for AI Transformations

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Get ready for an exclusive peek into the inner workings of the largest online wine marketplace – Vivino. Boasting a staggering 68 million users, discover how they are using AI to change the way you choose your wine.

Join Silje Stougaard, Vice President of Global Operations, to take a look at how she’s spearheaded the adoption of AI at Vivino, empowered agents, and tackled a pivotal pain point for wine enthusiasts – worldwide!

Delve into Vivino’s Customer Experience

Delve into the ‘wine journey’ overseen by Silje – from the picturesque vineyards where your favourite wines originate, right to your doorstep.

  • Being courageous in decision-making
  • The importance of risk-taking to problem-solve pivotal pain points for your customer base
  • Embracing innovation to deliver AI-powered wine recommendations to improve the customer experience, personalize interactions and support a community of wine enthusiasts
  • The role of trust and transparency in being an early adopter of AI-powered wine selection, proactive issue resolution, and the positive impact it’s unleashed