The Biggest Customer Experience Secrets We Learned in 2023 & How AI Will Shape the Future

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It’s a brand new year and we’re excited for all the things we have planned for 2024 at Dixa. Of course, there’s no better time for introspection than the start of a new year. That’s why, on this episode, we’re going to stop and take a look back at some of the best insights we’ve heard on Customer Friendship Conversations so far.


Introduction to the episode (00:00)
Valuing existing customers above new ones with Matt Dixon (0:55) 
Cristina Martinez on speaking to a customer on their level (06:22)
Kasper Hartvigsen on community (10:54)
Cherina Rosand on products being important to people (13:47)
Harriet Treadwell on AI (19:46)
Cristina Martinez on AI (22:46)
Kasper Hartvigsen on AI (25:40)
Matt Dixon on AI (28:39)