ChatGPT Is Coming For Your Customer Service Job

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“ChatGPT, the new AI-powered chatbot, might be the most widely talked about tool in the last few months, and amid a market downturn – do we all need to be worried? Resume Builder, a US-based career site for creating resumes, polled 1,000 business leaders and found 48% of companies using ChatGPT say it has replaced workers. But to what extent?

If you’re curious about the chances of ChatGPT taking over your customer service job – join Dixa’s product leaders: Rob Krassowski (Chief Product Officer), Tue Søttrup (VP CX Excellence and Chief Evangelist), and Mirza Beširović (Director of Product Management) to learn how and why this technology is taking the world by storm, and how you can stay ahead of the curve!
We discuss:

  • Should I be worried about the impact on my service team?
  • Human vs. AI-powered customer service, how do we navigate emerging technologies?
  • Working with ChatGPT to improve your customer service skills
  • Moving beyond the hype, can it impact customer loyalty?
  • How we’re integrating ChatGPT into the Dixa platform
    Don’t miss out on this timely discussion! This episode is taken from a webinar presentation that had record-breaking attendance.