Finding the Customer Friendships You Didn’t Know You Had

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Hobbii is a Danish scale-up that specializes in all things yarn. Business was good before the pandemic, and the health crisis created an unprecedented demand that left Hobbii’s service team scrambling to keep up with customer needs and expectations. 

Luckily, Hobbiii was founded with a digital-first approach that lent itself perfectly to meeting the growing interest in yarn supplies. Taking a fresh, modern approach to a traditional industry, Hobbii now helps yarn enthusiasts to browse a universe of yarn online and gather inspiration from Hobbii and members of the community. 

We discuss:

  • How Hobbii transformed a very attentive customer service team into a more efficient team blending the use of automation technology and a personalized human touch
  • How creating a culture of community inspired by designers and other creative customers and their families creates happy agents as well as happy customers
  • The importance of a truly conversational approach to customer service 
  • How technologies like a self-service chatbot and proactive communication have freed up their agent’s time to focus on conversations where their ‘yarn heroes’ can add more value
  • How he uses data to transform and improve the customer and agent experience as well as prioritize the needs of customers with company leaders

Don’t miss this episode if you are a customer service leader looking for insights into how you can also achieve 90-95% CSAT scores!


Intro to show.  0:10
Hobbii’s workspace. 2:00
What to look for when hiring in the industry? 3:44
How to keep your customers engaged. 8:59
The launch of Hobbii  in Denmark. 11:21
Resiliency of the organization. 16:13
How did you overcome customer frustration? 17:30
The challenges of working across the organization. 22:04
Being the friend to the customer that they didn’t know they had. 24:22
How do you measure the success of your customer friendships? 29:27