Making Feline Customer Friendships

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Get ready to hear from a true customer experience hero, Luke Bishop, Head of CX at KatKin!

Join us for this episode to discover the secrets behind KatKin’s customer service. The premium fresh meal subscription service for cats has a unique product and with an amazing TrustPilot score. 

Want to know what sets KatKin’s customer service apart? Luke spills the beans and shares how he’s applied his years of experience to achieve KatKin’s success. Tune in to this episode and learn how to put the customer at the heart of everything you do, adjusting your approach to speak the language that resonates with your audience while keeping the business happy. 

We discuss:

  • How to adjust your customer service experience for your industry and your product, things like: tone of voice, SLAs, type of people you onboard to best service your specific customers
  • How KatKin services two customers at the same time: cats and their parents  
  • The secret to hiring the very best people for your service organization
  • How data can inform your customer service strategy and motivate the service team, particularly for retention in a subscription business 
  • How to position the service team as a value center rather than a cost center (hint: VoC plays a role!)
  • How to scale your customer service business from a few customers to thousands, without lowering your service levels, by working cross departmentally (BPOs can fit into your strategy successfully)

As we all know, there are rarely silver bullets that solve all problems. A well thought out strategy from product to data-driven service goals can make all the difference. Take 30 minutes and join Luke and Ciaran to learn the secret to how KatKin has managed to genuinely put the customer first as they’ve successfully scaled.


Intro to the show. (0:09)
The background and what Luke is currently working on. (0:59)
How to approach customer service strategy? (2:09)
The organization’s mission. (4:28)
How to measure customer feedback? (9:27)
How to position your team as a value center. (12:03)
Operational efficiencies and operational rigour. (14:22)
The unique challenges of running a customer experience in the industry. (19:59)
Looking at the calls and emails from the agents. (22:48)
What’s next for customer experience? (25:17)
How to get to as good as you are. (30:16)