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This month we welcome Rebecca Alder Hickey, Head of Customer Service at Oliver Bonas to Customer FriendshipTM Conversations. Oliver Bonas has become one of the best known online department stores for Fashion, Dresses, Jewellery, Homeware, Furniture and Gift Shopping. This UK retailer is now an unbelievable 30 years old and growing strong. 

Rebecca moved from fashion PR into customer service and naturally brought along the power of communication and relationship building to fostering a world class service team. Not only does the team deliver friendly service that customers enjoy about this beloved brand, but Rebecca has shined a light on the valuable insights and trends the service team see on a day to day basis to become a place where the product team turn to for feedback

Join us for this episode of Customer FriendshipTM Conversations and in 32 minutes you’ll learn:

  • How to translate a great in store customer experience into the experience delivered by the service team
  • How the location of the support team can influence the service they provide 
  • The trends and insights her team uncover that helps the business improve its products as well as it’s service
  • How she’s using customer data to help inform the business, not just improve the service team’s efficiency and effectiveness
  • How working with Dixa has enabled her to play a strategic role in Oliver Bonas’ business
  • How using AI will help them to continue to improve customers’ service experience in the future

Spend a little time with Rebecca and her positively contagious service attitude to learn more about the importance of the human touch in relationship building as part of Oliver Bonas’ service strategy and delivery. You’ll leave this episode convinced that the saying “happy service teams means happy customers,” must be true! 


Introduction. (0:03)
Becky’s background. (0:59)
How to get in touch with Oliver Bonas. (5:00)
Oliver Bonas approach to customer friendship. (7:19)
Store visits for support. (9:37)
When will it be back in stock? (15:15)
How do you approach returns and sizing? (17:31)
How did Oliver Bonas partner with Dixa? (19:46)
What’s next for customer service at Oliver Bonas? (24:56)
How do you measure success of customer friendships? (27:32)