Why Quality Is Everything with Customer Experience, with Phillip Sønderskov of HiFi Klubben

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Phillip Sonderskov is Global Customer Service Manager at HiFi Klubben. They’re a high-quality audio retailer and now they sell home theatre equipment too. Founded in 1980, they pride themselves on selling quality products and now, in addition to their web-stores, have more than 95 brick-and-mortar stores across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. Phillip has been with HiFi Klubben for almost four years now, so he really knows the company and the unique needs of its customers – including over 1 million members of the HiFi Klubben Customer Club. He spoke to us from HiFi Klubben’s base in Denmark…


Delivering high-quality customer experience with a global audio retailer. (0:02)
Customer service and sound equipment company’s history and growth.(0:56)
Customer-focused approach in audio retail. (4:21)
Customer service and tech in audio industry. (10:00)
Audio equipment repair and customer behavior across markets. (14:26)
Using AI and human approach for customer service. (19:03)
Customer service and product quality in a tech company. (22:48)
Customer service strategies and personalized experiences. (28:47)