Why You Absolutely Have to Celebrate the Customer Service Wins

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Meet Benedikt Peine, Tribe Lead Service at Celebrate Company. Celebrate is a market leader of high quality print products. Owning several brands across various countries, their goal is to transform meaningful moments into lasting memories with highly customizable cards and invitations. 

Join us for this episode and learn how one tough holiday season became a turning point that significantly changed the direction of the company’s view of its service experience. Wanting to be top of mind for all of life’s meaningful events, Celebrate strives to create customer loyalty that brings customers back time and time again.

We discuss:

  • The role of empathy and the importance of training their team on how to work with customers during difficult times
  • How critically important the service experience is for their business’ success and how an effortless experience plays a role
  • Which key metrics they use to measure the success of their service team 
  • What the customer effort score is and how it affects their customer retention
  • How he’s planning to incorporate AI into their order checking process to improve quality while making it easier for their service team to help customers
  • The importance of taking care of the team and their impact on the customer service experience

Join us for 30 minutes and learn how Benedikt leads the team of service agents that help customers through life’s highs and lows with an emphatic approach and how he uses technology and data to continuously improve.


Intro to the episode. (0:03) 
Benedikt’s introduction. (0:59) 
How do you measure customer experience? (5:00)
What is the customer effort score? (9:47) 
The shift from marketing to customer experience. (12:08) 
Unique customer experience in the industry. (15:49) 
How did you decide to partner with Dixa? (21:04) 
How to have a clear focus on quality. (25:19) 
How do you measure success of customer friendship? (29:05)