Dixa Is Bringing Customer Friendship™ Stateside

I think it’s fair to say that we could all use a little more friendship in our lives right now. As remote interaction continues to serve as our “new normal,” building connections with those we interact with in our day-to-day lives is vital. Along with rising consumer expectations, we’ve seen tremendous changes in behavior and buying habits since the onset of the pandemic, and if one thing is clear, it’s that it’s more important than ever for brands to provide personalized, friendly, and positive customer experiences. That’s why I’m excited to announce that we are bringing Customer Friendship beyond Europe and increasing our focus on the US market 🚀

Our US Team is Growing

Along with the opening of our New York HQ, we are currently building teams across the US with plans for a West Coast outpost soon. Key to our US expansion is the appointment of UiPath CRO Thomas Neergaard Hansen to our board of directors. Thomas brings a wealth of global, scale and hyper-growth experiences in Enterprise software having filled senior executive roles in global companies including Carbon Black (formerly NASDAQ listed, acquired by VMware), Dropbox and Microsoft, over and beyond his current role of Chief Revenue Officer at recently NYSE-listed UiPath.

In addition, the hiring of Scott Sinatra as Dixa’s new Chief Revenue Officer is crucial to Dixa’s global growth journey. Scott’s extensive experience includes building markets and the go-to-market functions in his native US, as well as Europe and Asia. He counts BladeLogic, BMC, and Glassdoor among his past teams, with his most recent adventure building and leading the sales and revenue function at the employee engagement platform, Glint. As a founding member of the executive team, Scott took the company from zero to Linkedin acquisition. Scott leads talented go-to-market teams in the US as well as EMEA, and it’s clear that moving from employee friendship to Customer Friendship was a natural move for him:

“The opportunity in front of Dixa in the US is enormous. Every sector needs to connect better with their customers and there is a palpable pain point in the US that brands are simply not connecting with customers in the most efficient and agile way possible. Dixa is already helping a number of US brands transform their customer relationships and I’m excited to use this new wave of investment to disrupt the market even further and tap into the clear appetite for a non-ticketed, personalized and platform-centered approach.” – Scott Sinatra

Customer Service in the US is Broken

The US is the most customer-centric market in the world, but it has been held back by customer service tech being developed in silos. However, we are seeing a huge appetite amongst US brands to move away from the siloed, ticketing model of old and towards a single platform approach that can help them understand their customers in a more efficient, data-driven and conversational way.

It’s estimated that companies in the US lose $62 billion dollars a year to bad customer service. Consumers are overwhelmed and frustrated with poor customer service experiences, and many brands are simply not keeping up with rising customer expectations. Deloitte reports 70% of US customers expect all customer service reps to have their customer history on file, but 64% say that they have to repeat themselves as they’re shuffled between different reps in order to get their issue solved.

On top of that, a shocking 84% of US customers report that their expectations had not been exceeded in their last interaction with customer service, and 49% of American consumers switched companies last year due to poor customer service. The proof is in the pudding: American consumers know what they want and it’s not another lacklustre support experience. 

Enter Dixa: How We Create Customer Friendships

Our mission has always been to build a platform for companies that love their customers. It’s clear that there is a real need for more personalized and connected customer service in the US. Creating a seamless customer experience is especially important as the online shopping landscape continues to evolve and grow, with customers constantly encountering new touchpoints in their buying journey.

This is where Dixa comes in. My three co-founders and I are customer experience geeks who saw a major problem with our industry: the increasingly broken and fractured nature of customer service interactions. This wasn’t only bad news for the brands providing a poor customer experience, but also the agents having to work with outdated software that simply couldn’t keep up. 

We knew what was needed: An omnichannel platform that brought together every communication channel natively while giving agents all the information they needed at their fingertips. So we built it ourselves. Along with giving agents a clear overview of all conversations, the platform also uses smart routing powered by data and algorithms to allow customer queries to reach the right agents, along with relevant data and insights, in real-time. By choosing customers over tickets, Dixa boasts a First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate of 75% versus the 54% industry benchmark* and is purpose-built for conversational scalability.

At Dixa, we’ve been hugely successful in our mission to bring Customer Friendship to Europe, raising over $50 million in funding and growing the company to 150 people since we launched in 2018. We are excited to be able to bring Customer Friendship to the US, and already have some great customers stateside with companies like Thule, Wistia, and Honest Baby Clothing,  and look forward to strengthening these relationships while building new ones.

I personally couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Thomas and Scott on board and kickstart this exciting new phase in Dixa’s journey towards becoming the world’s leading Conversational Customer Engagement Platform.

* Call Centre Helper, Industry Standards for Call Centre Metrics, June 2020


Mads Fosselius

CEO & Co-founder of Dixa

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