The Top 8 Customer Service AI Chatbots for 2022

To say everyone’s buzzing about automation would be an understatement. Let’s be honest, if you go on to a website and you don’t see a chatbot waving hello within a few seconds of your arrival, you’d probably assume that the brand is not digitally up-to-date. AI automation is a must-have, but not all bots are created equal. Thankfully, you can access all of the best with one customer service platform (cough cough). But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Whether you choose to go with Dixa Bot or one of these Dixa-integrated best-of-breed AI chatbots, introducing a chatbot into your CX setup will give you an edge this year.


Waiting for service is a top complaint among customers. Each minute that a customer waits for the service agent raises the risk that they will hang up the phone or exit the chat, and switch to a competitor. Ada is an automation AI that acts in place of an agent – and often even more efficiently. Ada offers that extra touch that turns conversations into connections.

This market favorite is a 24/7 automation bot that responds to customers instantly in over 100 languages. It integrates into your CRM, automates workflows, and saves thousands of hours of service each month. maximizes and optimizes a service team by cutting costs, saving time, and delivering personalized AI.


Zowie works like a human brain (only better). This automation bot analyzes your data, learns from it, and delivers the correct information to your customers instantly. Context is everything when it comes to personalization, and Zowie’s capabilities to gather data from previous conversations and knowledge bases, makes it a no-brainer (no pun intended).


Beyond an automation tool, thankful is an IA agent. It functions as a direct conversational bot with customers, but also as an assistant to service agents – notifying them when an order goes awry, or a customer is in need of support. Brands that use thankful are able to scale much faster while still increasing their customer satisfaction rates, without the spiraling costs that traditionally accompany rapid growth. All in all, we’re thankful to have thankful with us.


Solvemate prides itself on generating meaningful, not just efficient, conversations with customers. Its smart, conversational AI is designed to create highly personalized conversations, and keep them consistently high quality even at scale. This chatbot is cross-channel capable from website to mobile app to WhatsApp messages. Its versatility is flawless and its message is right in line with Dixa’s: meaningful conversations matter in customer service.


If you’re an Ecommerce brand, you want an AI bot that’s built specifically for Ecommerce. That’s DigitalGenius. For proactive automation that leverages over 50 pre-built Ecommerce use cases, your customers’ needs will be immediately detected, analyzed, and efficiently served. Our assessment? It’s pure Ecommerce genius.


Customer service is certainly better when you have AI that increases your conversion rates. Certainly Conversational Web is a unique technology that allows you to deliver proactive customer service and shopping assistance to your visitors, so that anyone who views your website, becomes your newest customer. Through informed product suggestions, this bot guides visitors on your Ecommerce site from product to purchase.

Dixa Bot

Last, but certainly not least, our very own Dixa Bot has everything you need to optimize your customer support experience. Prioritizing engagement over deflection, Dixa Bot gets to know your customers and then creates the best possible sequence of interactions for them. Dixa Bot handles all the inquiries your agents don’t need to, so they can focus on high-impact questions that require the human touch. Encourage customer loyalty and decrease costs with Dixa Bot.

Let’s talk a-bot it

Wondering how you can utilize the best automation capabilities and catapult your customer service? That’s what we’re here for. Talk to us and take your CX to the next level.


Lia Ciner

Lia Ciner

Lia brings her non-profit experience to the world of technology and corporate business growth. Her passion is in maintaining a human-centric digital reality, in which both people and business can thrive with their technology.

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