Boosting agent productivity, reducing backlog,
and unifying access to customer data

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Contorion is a multinational online shop providing professional gear to a passionate community of craftspeople.


Berlin, Germany


105 agents




Reduction in backlog


Increase in agent productivity


Reduction in abandon rate

The Challenge

The issue Contorion needed to solve will likely sound familiar—siloed ticketing systems and disconnected teams. A lack of access to a centralized overview of all channels, customer data, and conversation history had caused a backlog of over 1400 tickets. And a lack of collaboration between sales and service teams led to missed sales opportunities whenever a customer expressed interest in a new product. Adding fuel to the fire, slow response times from Contorion’s existing vendors prevented the business from optimizing its tech stack. Simple adjustments to automation flows remained stuck in a ticketing queue that they had to open with their own providers.

It was very hard to get in touch with someone. We couldn’t reach anyone directly who could help us.”

Andreas Lehmann SVP of Operations Contorion

The Solution

After implementing Dixa, Contorion finally had a single view of conversations, customer data, and interaction history, giving agents much-needed context and allowing them to focus on adding value to every interaction rather than wasting getting up-to-speed. And with Dixa’s intelligent routing, cherry-picking became a thing of the past, with a manageable flow of incoming conversations served to the right agent based on factors like area of expertise and previous contact. This reduced the backlog even as the business expanded its customer database. With side conversations and a unified customer history, customer service and sales found it easier to collaborate on improving the end-to-end customer experience. Dixa connects every engagement into one fluid conversation, regardless of whether it’s coming from customer service, sales, or suppliers. This means agents can now use Dixa to internally communicate to sales about opportunities for revenue growth, whenever customers show interest in purchasing new products. This opens up bigger revenue opportunities, as Contorion plans to maximize customer engagement for cross-selling opportunities.

Using Dixa to engage with customers as though each separate contact is part of one unified conversation has been a game-changer.”

Andreas Lehmann SVP of Operations Contorion

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