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Delivering a unified customer experience across all channels with Dixa

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Established in Sweden in 1999, Royal Design is a leading Scandinavian design destination offering renowned European designer home goods.


Nybro, Sweden


50 agents



+ 87%

Increase in calls answered

+ 2 hrs

Saved per day per agent

– 45%

Reduction in email response time

The Situation

Royal Design Group was founded in 1999 and offers high-quality brand items and more than 50,000 designer products from over one hundred renowned designer brands. Royal Design group is owned by Egmont who also owns companies such as Story House Egmont, Nordisk Film, TV 2 in Norway and publishing houses Lindhardt og Ringhof in Denmark and Cappelen Damm in Norway.

The Challenge

As an established destination for Scandinavian and European designer home goods, Royal Design had the in-store customer experience covered, but they were struggling to bring their digital CX up to their high standards. They were using different systems for every communication channel and different phone systems for different offices. This not only made for a chaotic agent working experience but also made it difficult to get a complete overview of each team’s performance and contact volume. This made it difficult to order to provide the level of customer care that was in line with their brand.

They were struggling to build strong relationships with their customers because they lacked oversight across channels and past conversations. Agents could only be present on one channel at a time, which meant that inquiries were not getting prioritized based on importance, and there were backlogs on channels which caused delays in response times. This lack of oversight also made it difficult to recognize patterns in customer queries and make adjustments and optimizations based on this. They needed a cloud-based customer service platform that could be used across all channels and by external partners if necessary.

With Dixa, we have connected every channel and eliminated the chaos caused by having separate systems and screens. We can now build better relationships with our customers by having continuous and personal conversations.”

Arvid Eriksson Head of Customer Experience Royal Design

The Solution

Providing a better agent and customer experience

Dixa’s omnichannel capabilities have allowed Royal Design to connect every channel and eliminate the chaos caused by using multiple systems for a patchwork solution. They can now deliver a unified and personalized CX and forge deeper connections with their customers making for an increase in repeat customers and agent satisfaction.

Automatically prioritizing the most important queries

Dixa allows Royal Design agents to be present on all channels at once instead of just one channel at a time, meaning the most important queries get answered first. Plus, there’s no build up or backlog on certain channels over others. They use Dixa’s automatic routing so that the most important queries get answered first and questions automatically get assigned to whoever is best able to help with a query.

Improving efficiency for better service

Team leaders have been able to harness Dixa’s powerful analytics to ensure their teams are working more efficiently than before. They can now staff based on customer behavior and needs, which has allowed them to improve their response times on all channels dramatically. With Dixa, Royal Design has been able to increase calls answered by 87.3% over the previous year with the same amount of staff.

Using customer insights to optimize processes

Royal Design has improved routines and processes in all departments by regularly analyzing reason codes from customer queries. Having access to insights into customer behavior and data allows them to continuously make improvements to their CX.

Fostering professional growth

Team leaders are able to coach agents in real time by continuously analyzing and tracking activity and outcomes from within Dixa. This has allowed the teams to grow professionally and increased the level of service they can offer. Plus, existing staff find Dixa easy to use and new staff find it easy to learn.

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