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Offering better customer service with a consolidated tech stack and partner that embodies Customer Friendship™

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Scale Media manages a growing portfolio of five brands and 80+ products for health, wellness and beauty.

Dixa Feature: Dixa Platform
Switched From: Freshdesk (email), Freshchat (chat), Talkdesk (phone), static FAQ and Google Sheets (knowledge base)


Los Angeles, California, USA


50 agents


Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Key Integrations

ShipStation: Buying and shipping experience platform
Scale Commerce: Scale Media’s own eCommercial solution


reduction in call volume


increase in associate retention


increase in CSAT

The Situation

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with nearly 200 employees worldwide, Scale Media’s mission is simple: to help people live long, healthy, happy lives through the powerful integration of advanced science and nature. Their growing portfolio of five brands and 80+ comprehensive and effective products have collectively transformed how customers look, feel, and live. 

Scale Media is a tech-driven company that helps its direct-to-consumer brands deliver next-generation health and wellness in a smarter way. Their full-stack, omnichannel ecosystem uses proprietary, data-driven technology and methodologies to rapidly scale. The team calls themselves ‘Scalers’ and firmly believes in taking a 360-degree approach to improving people’s lives through trustworthy, cutting-edge health, wellness, and fitness-related content and tools that support and empower people to make the right health decisions while also helping to raise the standards of public health. Scale Media believes in giving back through charitable donations. They are environmentally conscious, with responsibly sourced products, and a roadmap to sustainability. 

The Challenge

As an ambitious brand, Scale Media aspires to be the gold standard for service within their industry. Starting with a strong cultural foundation, they’ve created a team of hard-working staff but felt they were missing the right tools to get the most out of the team. They were looking for smart systems that would allow them to increase efficiency while helping them deliver an exceptional customer experience with each and every customer interaction.

Their tech stack included talkdesk for phone, Freshdesk for email, Freshchat, static FAQs and Google Sheets for knowledge, and their own-built CRM system called Scale Commerce. This mix of systems created a number of challenges for Scale’s customer service team. 

One of the biggest challenges their customer service team faced was simply wasted time and effort. Agents had to look at upwards of 17 screens to find the answers they were looking for. They were also facing voice and chat reliability issues and outages. They were not able to use automation for ticket distribution. Escalations were happening through Slack and internal knowledge was difficult to find and share. With so many systems to know, onboarding was a struggle and agents were having trouble keeping up. 

Although Scale Media knew the right tools could help but they also wanted a vendor they could partner with as their current technology vendors were falling short of expectations.

Dixa has provided Scale Media with a platform that allows our agents to have all the tools at their fingertips, enabling them to take better care of our customers. They are more timely in their responses, more knowledgeable with their replies, and more professional as a result of the confidence they now exude when assisting our customers with their inquiries.”

Michael Furman CX Director Scale Media

The Solution

In February 2022, Scale Media decided to move from their various systems to Dixa’s Conversational Customer Service Platform to tackle their challenges.

Removing channel silos for a clear conversational view

Every channel is natively built in Dixa—even Phone—no plug-ins required. This means agents can work across channels all from one screen, with no need to switch windows or applications. Plus, they can be active on multiple channels at once, while you have a clear overview of channel activity, making sure no channel gets backed up.

Creating the happy, efficient team they always wanted

With Dixa’s intuitive agent workspace, agents no longer waste time looking for context from past conversations, checking a customer’s account info, or searching for updated company policies. They have everything they need to provide fast and personalized service experiences that build loyalty.

Dixa also enabled the team to move from Google Sheets to Dixa’s AI-driven intelligent knowledge base that delivers automatic prompts to agents so they have the answer before they even realize they need it. This gives the team one source of truth that helps them deliver more accurate answers to tricky customer questions, without having to escalate to a colleague or manager.

Making the team efficient was important but the customer service leadership team also knew that happier, more engaged employees would reduce attrition and translate into fewer training hours and ultimately reduce need for additional headcount as Scale grew.

Customer Friendship™ means having a partner who cares

Although Scale Media knew the right platform could help, the customer service leadership team was also looking for a vendor they could partner with to create the experience they felt best represented their brand values, particularly around relationships. Dixa’s Customer Friendship™ is exactly what Scale was looking for to meet that challenge. 

Our business model is based upon relationship building. What we ask of our vendors is to embrace this philosophy. Dixa has been a magnificent partner in many ways, but the true differentiator in our partnership is their willingness to embrace our relationship and become a business partner ensuring our success. They have been there for each and every step of our journey thus far and we look forward to working with them as we continue to grow and broaden our business.”

Michael Furman CX Director Scale Media

Customer Friendship™ is a principle that was pioneered by Dixa to describe the experience their customers could create with their own customers, but it’s also one Dixa lives by; partnering with each and every customer to help them grow and mature throughout their customer service journey. This manifests itself by providing expert knowledge and best practices, as well as strategic insights and advice to help brands level up their customer experience and transform their customers into friends. All concepts and actions that Scale expected from their partner of choice.

What’s Next?

Now that the team is using Dixa well, Scale is looking forward to adding AI and more automation. This will allow them to better service our customers and explore new channels. Phone and email are still the main service channels and chat is only available when there is staff availability. Integrating AI in chat, email and SMS will give their customers options without the need for Scale to add headcount. This will give the team the freedom to automate the channels that make sense for the business to keep human-first. 

One of the reasons they look forward to adding AI capabilities from Dixa is that it’s all built on the company’s knowledge base already built and managed in Dixa so they don’t have to worry about additional integrations or sources of information. 

These improvements will make their customer service experience even better.

The leadership team at Scale Media now has the ability
to look at data, analyze said data, and act upon their
findings immediately. The report capabilities have allowed
us to better schedule our workforce, allocate time for
essential training, and provide real time feedback in
coaching sessions to enhance associate performance.”

Michael Furman CX Director Scale Media

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