How Stuart leverages customer service quality assurance to grow their business

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Europe’s leading on-demand logistics platform which connects businesses to a fleet of geo-localized independent delivery partners.

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Barcelona, Spain


105 agents


Transport & Mobility

20 hours

saved on global reporting per week


increase in agent performance for ticket management


reduction in handling time for ticket selection and review

The Situation

Stuart is Europe’s leading on-demand logistics platform which connects business to a fleet of geo-localized independent delivery partners. Their platform allows businesses any industry to deliver their customers with never-seen-before speed and efficiency.

We are committed to creating a new standard for urban delivery that will meet today’s environmental and social challenges while offering a premium delivery experience. Customer service is not only the face of the company. It is the most important source of customer feedback, a key revenue drive, and where we build trust and loyalty increase the lifetime value of our customers.”

Andrew Baylis Head of LiveOps and Support Stuart

The Challenge

In order to become an impact-driven company and achieve a first-class delivery experience blending speed, flexibility, and convenience, Stuart had to make sure their customers’ voice was heard and acted upon. This would help them increase customer satisfaction, grow their revenuer, and boost retention. 

In addition, as the company managed two different audiences: delivery partners and end customers, their action plan had to drive positive change in both directions. 

The challenge was to maintain excellence among support agents while keeping them engaged with the review cycle and their personal development. Stuart selected five goals centered on quality assurance (QA) and agent development:

  • Eliminate spreadsheets for QA tasks
  • Consistently monitor QA
  • Easy select and score customer chats
  • Improve agent and customer experience
  • Define sustainable development goals

As a business, we focus on efficiency and productivity first. When the company started to grow fast, we looked for improvements and alternatives. It became obvious that we needed to move away from spreadsheets, and adopt a solution that we could connect to our conversation system and that would be specifically designed for customer service quality assurance.”

Andrew Baylis Head of LiveOps and Support Stuart

The Solution

Stuart selected Dixa’s Quality Assurance to help them unlock the full potential of QA and help them reach their goals. Dixa’s Quality Assurance is an all-in-one quality assurance platform to analyze customer interactions and empower agents by developing their skills. By combining it with a conversation system, it allowed Stuart to:

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and make quality assurance twice as efficient
  • Develop a tailored QA lifecycle, automate conversion selection for QA in a smart way, and centrize agent feedback
  • Strengthen QA outputs through calibration and uniformed ticket selection criteria
  • Conduct a deeper analysis to understand agent performance and create valuable development opportunities
  • Identify new optimizations levers for customer experience through analytics

Making the most of Dixa

Stuart’s head of CS/CX and leadership can now capitalize on: 

  • Real-time and effortless access to data
  • Visibility on trends
  • Data-driven actions within shorter time

The customer service team can leverage:

  • Removal of repetitive tasks to focus on value-added activities
  • Improvement of agent time management by real-time visibility on workload completed and planned
  • A reduced gap between the QA team and agents in the pursuit of a better customer experience

The quality assurance  team have:

  • Better accuracy in the conversation selection process to review high-value customers
  • A centralized and reliable platform to store the QA results and share with agents

In a shifting economy, customer experience is the ultimate way for companies to differentiate and grow. Hence, finding a transparent tool that allows you to make date-informed decisions thanks to a holistic view of the customer service environment and easily coach the team is critical.

What’s next for Stuart

With the global agent performance QA up and running smoothly, Stuart is now looking to work with Dixa on the following key objectives:

  • Consolidate the data between the client and drive service interface
  • Review different types of internal processes such as escalations and technical topics for optimization
  • Better understand the experience of their users, as well as some customer process outcomes (driver onboarding, conversation reopening, negative customer experience, etc.) for improvement

These changes will allow them to continue to enhance their prime delivery experience and the trust and loyalty among their team and users.

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