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Easy Pay

​Capture payments seamlessly through Dixa’s native payment plugin. Accept payments across voice, email, chat, and SMS messaging.
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Facilitates customer payment via multiple channels, increasing consumer engagement and improving convenience.

Improve Efficiency

Your agents can capture and manage customer payments all from within Dixa, reducing the need to toggle between multiple browsers and platforms.

Save Time

Dramatically reduce check out time and effort on future customer transactions with stored, tokenized, payment information for future use.

  • Capture payments instantly in Dixa: Dixa, powered by Easy Pay, makes it easy for your agents to create and send customer payment links from one simple interface.
  • Provide a convenient environment for customers to pay with modern, direct-to-consumer communication methods such as voice, email, chat, and SMS messaging.


  • Keep cards on file for ease of future payments: Enable customers to store payment information for future transactions with our secure, tokenized, PCI certified ‘payment-on-file’ technology.
  • Thought-leading, omnichannel payment facilitator with decades of proven success. Level 1 PCI Certified payment gateway and virtual terminal.
  • Seamless payment integration w/Dixa and many best-in-class business management SaaS providers.
  • Easy-to-understand pricing and increased value through native functionality. Agile and attentive, ’white-glove’ support.


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