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Get customer insights and automate your tagging in real time.
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Automation for the Data-Driven CX Organization

Avoid tedious processes, increase productivity

Automate manual processes such as case tagging, routing, prioritization, and triage by taking control of your data. Give support teams visibility into trending topics and address pressing issues before they blow up.

Gain data-driven insights

Define your data structure with a no-code data & insights platform and go live in a matter of days. Learn from your historical data and get to the root of the problem with

Create smart tags, detect issues quickly, and triage them in real time


Receive real-time alerts and surface key relevant concepts only from your own private data using unsupervised AI.


Decide which concepts are relevant for your business and group them into tags that will apply in real time.


Instant connection to your data and transparent results in minutes with no need of any technical knowledge.

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