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Dixa achieves SOC 3 certification: upholding the highest standards in data security and transparency

Copenhagen— April 2, 2024 — At Dixa, securing our customers’ data is a paramount priority. Every day, we’re on the front lines of data management, ensuring every piece of information is locked down tight. This commitment comes from knowing just how crucial trust is; we want our clients to feel as confident about our security measures as we do.

Following our achievements of both SOC 2 Type I and Type II certifications, which underscored our dedication to stringent data security practices,  we have now successfully attained the SOC 3 certification.

What is SOC 3 certification

SOC 3 certification is a testament to an organization’s rigorous security measures to protect customer and organizational data. Unlike its counterpart, SOC 2, designed for a more technical audience with detailed reporting, SOC 3 offers a broader overview suitable for public disclosure. This certification, focusing on the Trust Services Criteria (TSC)—security, privacy, processing integrity, availability, and confidentiality—demonstrates our adherence to these critical standards. 

Achieving SOC 3 certification involved a comprehensive audit performed by Prescient Assurance, a leader in security and compliance attestation for B2B, SAAS companies worldwide.

Why SOC 3 matters to Dixa

In an era where data breaches and cyber attacks have been on the rise globally, showcasing our proactive measures in data security is more important than ever. SOC 3 certification not only enhances our brand’s trustworthiness by transparently sharing our security controls but also reassures stakeholders against the backdrop of rising data breach costs, which reached an average of $4.45 million in 2023.

Dixa’s continued commitment

This certification is not the culmination but a step in our ongoing journey of compliance and security excellence. With SOC 3’s focus on public transparency, we are excited to share this achievement, reinforcing the trust our customers place in us to manage their data with the utmost care and security.

About Dixa

Dixa is a conversational customer service platform on a mission to empower companies to build long-lasting bonds with their customers at scale (Customer FriendshipTM). We help customer service leaders to create effortless experiences for customers and teams that unlock loyalty. Dixa’s platform combines powerful AI with a human touch to deliver highly-personalized service experiences. 

We empower companies to transform their customer service from cost-center to a value-center through a true CX partnership. 

Since 2018, Dixa has powered hundreds of millions of high quality conversations for brands like Whisker, Too Good to Go, Scale Media, Honest Baby, Rapha and Grover.

Press contact: Francesca Valente, Head of Marketing Communications:

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