Facebook Messenger

Build customer trust with Facebook Messenger.

1 in 6 people want to talk to you on Facebook Messenger. Don’t miss out—meet them there!

Be available

Provide your customers with another friendly way to get in touch. They will thank you for it!

Set limits

Adjust workload limits for Facebook messages to ensure a smooth transition for your team.

Track conversations

See what your Facebook traffic looks like and compare data to other channels in analytics.

Dixa Facebook Messenger

Create friendships through convenient conversations

Strengthen bonds with customers by offering them a convenient and friendly way to engage with your brand that also enables them to multitask while waiting for a response. Reply to Facebook messages alongside chats, emails and calls from one single system to ensure agents always have the information they need to deliver quick, personal support.

Dixa customer service channels

Be available with no extra effort

Adding channels doesn’t have to mean more tools or an increased workload

Centralize your support Manage all customer inquiries across Facebook Messenger, chat, email and phone and gain a complete overview of your team’s performance from your browser window.

Eliminate silos Link conversations on social with those that take place on traditional customer service channels for a complete picture of each customer’s interactions with your brand.

Work as a team Benefit from features like collision detection, follow-up and more that help you tackle inquiries efficiently and effectively.

Dixa Facebook Messenger

Use Messenger any way you like, we support it all!

Keep conversations flowing with our Messenger integration

Facebook page Any message a customer sends your brand while browsing your Facebook page will always be routed to an available agent in Dixa. All messages will appear as one ongoing conversation to the customer even if different agents respond.

In-app messaging If you have messaging enabled on your Facebook page, customers will also be able to start a conversation with you directly from the Messenger app, just like they would a friend.

Chat plugin Using Facebook Messenger’s chat plugin? No problem. All messages received through the Messenger chat widget will automatically appear in Dixa. Once an agent responds, the customer will receive a reply on chat and a Facebook message.

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Automate up to 80% of your requests so you can focus on high-value inquiries.

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