Live Chat

Chat with customers in real-time.

Meet customers when they are most engaged with your online business.


Optimized and customizable for any screen size, your website visitors can talk to you from any device and have a great experience.

Analytics & service levels

Get real-time and historical analytics on chats, set and track your own service levels and stay on top of individual agent performance.

Customer recognition

Benefit from automatic customer recognition when repeat customers reach out and save time while delivering a more personalized CX.

Advanced routing

Route chats directly to the right agents using URL-triggers, menus, agent skills and queue priority and choose your offer algorithm.


Work as a team and transfer chats to team members with a click. Add notes and tags to conversations for reference later on.manage customer expectations and increase self-service.

Instant feedback

Give customers the ability to provide instant feedback to your agents for motivation and encouragement.

Balance automation with a human touch

No one likes impersonal chatbot experiences, especially if your problem doesn’t get resolved. Balance automation with human support by asking customers preliminary questions to gather context before routing them to the best suited live agent. Plus, take personalization one step further by greeting customers in their native language.

Customize your live chat experience

Create a live chat widget that fits your visual identity.

  • Color & placement: Choose a color and place your live chat widget wherever you prefer. Preview it on both desktop and mobile to ensure the best CX.
  • Hide strategy: Utilize your widget’s hide strategy to avoid misleading customers when no one is available.
  • Contact form: Turn your chat widget into a contact form when you aren’t available by setting opening hours in your live chat flow.

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